Tequila Sun Rise


A combination of Kelp Granular 12-6-12, Kelp Meal, SoyAmino AA90, and Soluble Molasses Powder.

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Tequila Sun Rise consist of:

  1. SG12612: Kelp Granular 12-6-12, 1kg (Start and veg)
  2. ASG: Kelp Meal, 1kg (Start and Bloom)
  3. AA90: SoyAmino AA90 454g. (Veg and fine tuning every 10 days)
  4. SMP: Soluble Molasses 500g. (Veg and fine tuning every 10 days)

Application recommendation:

Solution A:  Dissolve 1 tsp of AA90 and 1 tsp SMP in 2 L of water.

Solution B: Dissolve 1 tsp of SMP in 2 L of water.

Transplanting stage:

  1. Put 1 tsp SG12612 and  1 tbsp  ASG into the planting hole and cover with a thin layer of soil, then plant your seedling and fill in the hole with soil.
  2. Water the seedling with Solution A.

Veg stage:

Water the plant with solution A every 10-12 days and top dress (ie. spread)  ~1/2 tbsp of SG12612 for each plant every 25-30 days.

Flowering stage:

Top dress each plant with 1 tbsp of ASG every 25-30 days. Water the plant with Solution B every 10-12 days.

NOTE: Growers are encouraged to modify the above recommendation to best suit their growing environment. Happy gardening!!!

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