Fulvic Acid 90

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Fulvic acid is water soluble organic materials of small molecular weights, together with the larger molecules humic acid (soluble in high pH) and humins to makeup humate.

Fulvic Acid 90 is a high-quality and 100% water soluble powder. It improves root pore size, readily acts as a chelator and increases the permeability of plant cells. Allowing plants to increase absorption of both macro (NPK) and micronutrients. Promotes microbial activity in soils and humus production. Has been shown to boost photosynthesis in lower light conditions and improve drought-resistance.

Application recommendation:

Application rate: Foliar 1-2.5kg/ha, Irrigation 2-5kg/ha

Drip irrigation: Dilute with water 1:1500-2000 or 1/2 tsp/4L.

Foliar Application: Dilute with water 1:4000-5000 or 1/2 tsp/5L.

Hydroponic/Aquaponic : 1:1500-2000 or 1/2 tsp/4L

Plant/Crop Timing/Frequency
Vegetable & Herbs 2-6 Leaf → Flower Set → Fruit Set → every 2-3 weeks
Berries 2-6 Leaf → Flower Set → Fruit Set → every 2-3 weeks
Fruit trees Budding → Flower Set → Fruit Set → every 3 weeks
Legume Crops 6 Leaf → Flower Set → Pod → every 2 weeks
Cereal Crops Emergence/3-6 Leaf → Flower Set → after any stressor
Forage Crops Early growth → After each cut
Flowers & Ornamentals Emergence ¬→ Transplant → every 2-3 weeks → Each cutting/As required
Forage Crops Early growth → After each cut
Turfgrass Early growth → apply every 2-4 weeks or as required

Users are encouraged to modify recommendations and application rates according to their growing conditions and environments.