Kelp Meal inoculated with mycorrhizae

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Myco-Kelp Meal contains only approved ingredients for organic cultivation, namely pelletized cold water kelp–Ascophyllum nodosum and mycorrhizae. Myco-Kelp Meal picture.It is a wonderful way to combine a highly versatile old fashion natural ingredient with state of the arts biotechnology to produce a new generation of environmental friendly and economical product to help food production.

A. nodosum meal is fibrous media suitable to use as potting material, and it is rich in mineral and organic matter (45%).

Mycorrhizae is a powerful inoculum. It efficiently form a symbiotic connection to the plant-roots system and forms an extensive underground network of interconnecting filaments, which can reach out far beyond the root system to bring back nutrient to the host plant in return for carbon source. Consequently, increases availability of nutrient to plant and reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, particularly phosphate. Therefore, we are proud to offer this product you.

Please before you buy we want you to be awared that mycorrhizae is compatible with all plants and crops, except members of the Brassicaceae, Poligonaceae and Chenopodiaceae families.