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Here is the major different between Kelp Meal ASM212 and other kelp meals on the market:

Kelp Meal 2-1-2 (ASM212) is derived from cold water brown seaweed — Ascophyllum nodosum, designed to be used as part of growth media/potting soil for indoor plants, gardens, lawns, nurseries, and greenhouses. Nutrients from ASM212 is much more readily available to plants then other kelp meals because ASM212 has undergone a fermentation process to release encapsulated nutrients, which otherwise would have to be broken down by the microbial in the soil first before nutrients can be available to plants. Uncertainty arise from the fact that microbes composting activity are dependent on environmental factors, such as soil temperature, moisture, and microbes initial ecology. Therefore, ASM212 was created to circumvent uncertainties in nutrients availability and to provide a more reliable steady product for you.