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Application Recommendation and Literature

  • Kelp/Seaweed Extract Powder Recommended Foliar Application.
  • Here is the test report and approval of chitosan by US EPA for use in agriculture & horticulture.
  • Field tests report.
  • The Royal Horticultural Society opinion on seaweed as organic fertilizer.
  • Nutrient Functions and Deficiency Symptoms.
  • Biopesticide Registration Action Document of Laminarin from seaweed by US EPA.

Recommended Foliar Application

Apply 1-1.5Kg/ha or 300-500g/Acre.

Vegetables Timing General Application
Eggplants, Pepper, Melon, and Squash. Spray at six-leaf stage → Early bloom → First fruit set → Four weeks later (optional).
Bean and Peas Six-leaf stage → First bloom → First pods. Every 2 weeks and after each picking.
Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower Six true leaf stage → 3 weeks later → Head initiation.
Cucurbits and Cucumbers Six-leaf stage → Just prior to bloom → early fruiting. Every 3-4 weeks and after each picking.
Onions, Carrots, Chicory, Leeks, & Turnips 2 to3 weeks after emergence/5-leaf stage → Root enlargement. Every 2-3 weeks.
Potatoes Six-leaf stage → When tuber approx. pea size → Beginning of bloom → Bulking up.
Tomato Six-leaf stage → pre-bloom → At fruit set → 2-3 weeks later. Every 2-3 weeks and after each picking.

Flowers and Grass

Plant Dilution Timing
Roses 1:3000 Every month and after each pruning or cutting.
1:1000 At the beginning of the growing season. Soak the soil with 200-300ml 3 times per week; subsequently, once a month
Lupins 1:3000 Spray once after 3-6 weeks of emergence.
Other flowering and Ornamental plants 1:1000 After transplanting, soak the soil around the seedling with ∼ 100ml.
1:5000 Spray every 2 weeks.
Turf and Golf Courses (600-800g/ha) 1:5000 Once or twice per month. More effective to apply often at a lower concentration.
Fairways (300-400g/ha)
Pasture (1Kg/ha) Spray during early growth after emergence, grazing or cutting.
Hay/Meadow (1-1.5Kg/ha) Spray 2 weeks after emergence or when the hay is ∼ 6-8” tall; repeat 2 to 3 times with 3-4 week intervals.
Fungi Dilution Timing
Mushroom 1:3000 size of mushroom head is 1-1.5 cm →size of mushroom head is 3 cm

Compost enrichment and degradation

The degradation rate and quality of compost can be improved by addition of diluted kelp extract. For example, add 500g to 2 Kg of kelp powder to make 100L of compost. To make sure even distribution of kelp extract on the compost. One should dilute the kelp powder with water at 200-300 times, and then sprinkle the liquid to the compost.